Robert Finnerty

Morning Anchor

Robert Finnerty
Robert Finnerty
Morning Anchor
Throughout his career, New England native Rob Finnerty has shown his versatility and range as a journalist and news personality.

On the East Coast, working as an anchor and reporter for the New England Cable News Rob covered the biggest events in sports, including the World Series, Super Bowl and NBA Finals. His love for athletics remains strong to this day, but his real passion is in news, politics and entertainment. Since making his way to the West Coast, now anchoring Eyewitness News Mornings on KBAK and KBFX Rob has become the go-to talent when dealing with political coverage. Whether it's hard hitting interviews with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, or sit-downs with other congressional leaders and local politicians, Finnerty's ability to get to the crux of a given issue has helped the development and growth of Eyewitness News Mornings. Anchoring four hours of news daily Rob has covered local and national elections, the government shutdown, and live breaking coverage of the arrest and trial of Whitey Bulger, the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and major California wildfires. During the Boston bombing the Massachusetts native was able to make contact with witnesses at the scene which rivaled major network broadcasts. He has also interviewed over 200 celebrities, authors and other newsmakers on the morning show often turning typical interviews into something special.

Since taking over the anchor desk in 2013, ratings for Eyewitness News Mornings have continued to grow. In fact, the morning show beat competing national shows Good Morning America and The Today Show in the ratings locally for the first time.

Finnerty studied journalism and broadcasting at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut and is also active in the community, participating in events for the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter, Links for Life and raising money for cancer research with Relay for Life where he anchored a live broadcast in 2013.

He and his new bride have loved living in Bakersfield and are always happy to take part in any of the endless activities and events taking place in the community. You can find Rob on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @realrobfinnerty.

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