One Classroom

Inside KBAK 8/31/09 - Leslie Lipton "See, Hear, Say" 8/31/09 - Leslie Lipton "See, Hear, Say" (Video)
Leslie Lipton teaches Computer Literacy Intergration, also known as "CLIC" at Arvin High. It's a required class for freshmen. The idea -- setting a foundation so they can take the skills they learn there and use them the next four years in high school and beyond.
Inside KBAK 2/6/09 -  Follow Up, Virtual P.E. 2/6/09 - Follow Up, Virtual P.E. (Video)
After receiving her One Classroom at a Time grant in December, Taleia Larkin has bought a Nintendo WII and is giving her severely disabled students some physical education, in a virtual setting.
Inside KBAK 12/11/08 - Taleia Larkin "Virtual P.E." (Video)
Taleia Larkin teaches special ed for the Kern County Superintendent of Schools. Her students will never know what it's like to take part in a P.E. class, which is why she's bringing P.E. to them -- in the form of a Nintendo WII.