11/18/09 - Sabine Mixon "Kinder-GARDEN"

11/18/09 - Sabine Mixon "Kinder-GARDEN"
They may be young but they're already blossoming into seasoned gardeners.

The kindergartners at South Fork Elementary in Weldon are getting an early lesson in sustainable foods. But the garden where their fruits and vegetables come from, has seen its share of trouble.

"We captured 22 gophers out of our garden this year," said teacher Sabine Mixon.

That's why with her One Classroom at a Time grant, Mixon wants to add a hydroponic garden, which can be done indoors, year round and without soil.

"It gets nutrients directly to roots and that way it can expend energy growing tall plants," explained Mixon.

But, it's, literally, the fruits of their labor that Mixon hopes will stay with them, long out of her class.

"Hopefully it will change their life as they get older. They'll realize we need these things just to live a healthy life. We need fruits and vegetables in our lives, " said Mixon.