10/2/09 - Amy Kileen "Independent Film Institute"

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We surprised Language Arts teacher Amy Kileen, while she and her class were reading up on some of Edgar Allen Poe's short stories.

"Edgar Allen Poe was an American author that put America on map as far as literature," explained Kileen.

Even though her class just started reading his stories, so far, the response has been positive. That's precisely why kileen wants to bring Poe's stories to life. With her grant, she'll buy all the necessary film making materials.

"A lot of people will be busy working on sets and backgrounds and assisting and editing and filming," said Kileen.

But while the spotlight will be shining on Poe's work, Kileen is hoping her students will walk away with much more.

"I want to give my students a background in historical literature and then I just want them to be lifetime learners," Kileen explained.

The films will also be used as review materials for the students and other classes.