10/1/09 - Laura Moon "Karaoke in the Classroom"

10/1/09 - Laura Moon "Karaoke in the Classroom"
Throw 27 first graders in one room and that could mean trouble. But not for Laura Moon of Golden Hills Elementary in Tehachapi.

"A lot of people don't want to do it because it's very difficult to teach kids how to become students and I absolutely love the kids at this age. it is my favorite grade," said Moon.

Which is why Moon goes above and beyond the set curriculum. With her One Classroom at a Time grant, Moon will bring karaoke to her classroom.

"They'll be developing reading skills, as well as having music time," explained Moon.

With budget cuts impacting schools across the county, music is the first to go. But for Moon, music means more than just notes on a page.

"For first graders, they're developing social skills and being able to be confident and standing up in front of others," said Moon.

Instilling life long lessons at a very early age.

"These guys are so young and might not remember much of first grade, but I know what I am doing is giving them that foundation and hopefully they can take that as they go on," explained Moon.