8/31/09 - Leslie Lipton "See, Hear, Say"

8/31/09 - Leslie Lipton "See, Hear, Say"
Computers, no doubt about it, have become a part of our daily lives.

"If they get some of these skills early, then it enables them to move toward a successful future with these skills, rather than being in a sense, almost crippled," explained One Classroom at a Time grant winner, Leslie Lipton.

With the thousand dollars, Lipton plans to buy headsets and microphones for all the computers. It's all part of her program called "See, Hear, Say."

"It's a way to teach students through their hearing, rather than just their reading," said Lipton.

Just a week into the class and Lipton's students are already making progress.

"This typing class I had last year, I wasn't improving as much as this year. It'll help me through out 4 years," said Eddie Herrera.

"It'll help me do things faster, easier, more efficient," added Fernanda Lopez.

But most importantly, Lipton's lessons go beyond what you see on the screen.

"She's telling us you could do whatever you want in life," said Michael Soto.