8/27/09 - Erin Woodward "What's In Store For You?"

8/27/09 - Erin Woodward "What's In Store For You?"
We caught Erin Woodward and surprised her with her One Classroom at a Time grant in the middle of her Spanish one class. Her students say they don't know how to say much now, but it will be a different story by the time Woodward's One Classroom Grant proposal is up and running.

She's planning on creating a "tienda," that means store.

"So if we're studying a unit on school supplies, the store will be stacked with school supplies. They'll go to the store and act as storekeepers and purchaser, and they'll practice vocabulary in a real way, real life situation," said Woodward.

Woodward says it's especially important because the demographics of the Lake Isabella area are much different than the rest of Kern County.

"If you were living in Bakersfield, you can go to some community where you could hear and be exposed and here we don't have that opportunity," explained Woodward.

While they're still learning their ABCs, students are excited to, one day, be able to put their Spanish to use.

"So if you're ever in a place where no one speaks English, you can communicate and get what you need," said Shannon Genther.

The tienda will be used by all of Woodward's Spanish classes. That's levels one, two, and three. On top of that, Woodward says the special education students will also be able to use the store to practice their English vocabulary and life skills.