4/24/09 - Stephanie Lee "The Golden Bean Coffee Shop"

4/24/09 - Stephanie Lee "The Golden Bean Coffee Shop" »Play Video
Stephanie Lee of Centennial High School is teaching her students how to run their own business.

Lee teaches special ed to a dozen students with moderate to severe disabilities.

With her thousand dollar grant, Lee plans to buy supplies to replenish an existing project called the "Golden Bean Coffee Shop." It's a beverage service that is in it's second year.

Lee says the students do everything.

"Right now we've got some kids that can basically make every single drink. Can make deliveries, they know their way around campus. Maybe they had to learn at the beginning of year, it's a great experience," said Lee. "Seeing them grow, pushing their limits, them being able to see what they can do, having more self confidence in themselves. It's been awesome."

The staff are charged a small fee, which goes back into the special education program.