3/23/09 - Stephanie Turner "Classroom Jeopardy"

3/23/09 - Stephanie Turner "Classroom Jeopardy" »Play Video
It was a big surprise for Stephanie Turner and her class, when eyewitness news presented her with her One Classroom at a Time.

With the grant money, Turner plans to buy wireless gaming equipment for "Classroom Jeopardy," as a way to test their knowledge of language arts.

The kids have played a basic version of the game before, which she says they love, but the equipment will help keep their attention because there won't be as much downtime.

"They're so focused and on task and working together, in their little groups working together to find answers. They're flipping their books trying to find the right answer, rather than sitting there and saying I don't know," explained Turner.

As for the kids, they say the competition drives them to study even harder.

Like the game show, the winners will receive some type of prize. But Turner says it will definitely not be anything sugary or sweet!