3/17/09 - Follow Up, Troy Tenhet and the Titans

3/17/09 - Follow Up, Troy Tenhet and the Titans »Play Video
Troy Tenhet from Bill L. Williams Elementary still has the piece of cardboard with his address on it, sent from Singapore.

"This commemorates the first time we ever exchanged anything," explained Tenhet.

Just one of the souvenirs from his Global Learning Exchange with students in Singapore. Just as Tenhet's classroom has a wall, full of items sent over from Singapore, you can bet there's probably something similar over there.

With the grant money, Tenhet was able to buy eight digital cameras. And the pictures taken with them are shared with their friends on the other side of the country.

"There's a globe out there full of things, full of people just like them and the whole point to building program is to get excited about things in the classroom," said Tenhet.

The kids are also excited to use an online videoconferencing program called "Skype" to chat with their new friends.

"I think its pretty amazing so different over there," said student Reagan Angelo. "Like, for example, they can't chew gum."

And while she's usually on the other side of "Skype," teacher Rose Manuel from Singapore had the chance to spend 10 days in the United States.

"I'm very excited just being here, meeting with real people we collaborated with," said Manuel.