3/3/09 - Oliver Brown "Character Counts"

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Oliver brown is in his second year teaching fourth grade at Princeton Street School in Delano. With all the challenges and pressure kids face these days, Brown says he believes this is the age you start building character.

"Next year is when they start facing, in my opinion, the big tough decisions. They start maturing, hormones change, bodies change," explained Brown.

That's why he wants to introduce a program in his class called "Character Counts," which focuses on six pillars of character:
trustworthiness, respect, citizenship, responsibility, caring and fairness.

"For me, its important because at this age, they start looking up to their older brothers and sisters, people in high school, they start facing those hard decisions on the playground and at home," said Brown.

Kids will take part in a variety of lessons, which includes focusing on the character of their role models. Prominent members of the community will also visit the class.

"These people come in and say, hey you wanna be successful in your life, you have to be those things as well," said Brown.

The students will also produce a public service announcement, which will air on the school's closed circuit television.