3/2/09 - Monica Ford "When Will I Ever Use This?"

3/2/09 - Monica Ford "When Will I Ever Use This?" »Play Video
"They always ask you when am I going to use math in life. I want to show them ways to be able to do that," said Monica Ford, a math teacher at Frontier High School in Bakersfield.

Ford plans to use the show 'NUMB3RS,' which uses math to solve crimes. Ford will show her kids that math is more than just graphs and numbers on a sheet of paper.

Ford will use her grant to buy the first four seasons of the show. The kids will do activities based on the clips and hopefully, she says, walk out of her classroom realizing that math is more a part of our lives than they think.

"They have the foundation to be able to logically think through things and to be able to solve real life situations, using math, even though they might not use actual letters they write down on a paper," explained Ford.