2/6/09 - Follow Up, Virtual P.E.

2/6/09 -  Follow Up, Virtual P.E. »Play Video
With Nintendo Wii, Taleia Larkin's students are learning, for the first time, what it's like to swing a tennis racket or baseball bat.

"P.E. is an important part in our students lives. And I feel just because they have certain disabilities, they shouldn't not be able to participate as well," explained Larkin.

Larkin works with special needs children at the Harry E. Blair Learning Center with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools. She had the idea to bring her personal WII to class one day and that's when she saw how valuable it could be in her classroom.

The kids are between 3 to 14 years old and thanks to the Wii and to Larkin, they're doing what before may have seemed impossible.

"They're actually having more fun than I thought they would. Most of them are able to follow along with games we play," said Larkin.

Larkin says the Wii allows her and her staff to bring physical education to the classroom, in a way they didn't know how. And one of the best parts, according to Larkin, some of the kids can even play with their family too.