12/11/08 - Taleia Larkin "Virtual P.E."

"Oh my God," laughed Taleia Larkin when Eyewitness News surprised her with her One Classroom at a Time grant.

Larkin is a second year teacher who works with kids who have moderate to severe disabilities, all of whom are confined to wheelchairs and have limited mobility. They can't take part in traditional P.E., so last year, she had the idea to bring in her personal Nintendo WII.

"The colors, they loved the colors especially for kids visually impaired," explained Larkin. "And to actually do stuff with their hands, like manipulate things. They loved it."

With her one thousand dollar grant, Larkin plans to implement a program called "Virtual P.E." She will buy a WII for the classroom with all the accessories.

"A lot of times people say they will, like, never be able to do certain things and they'll surprise you. They'll do that and then some," said Larkin.

Larkin says her first job after high school was as a teacher's aide in a special education class. She says she loves it and has never done anything else since.