11/20/08 - German Robledo "Solving the Rubik's Cube"

11/20/08 - German Robledo "Solving the Rubik's Cube" »Play Video
How many of you have ever been able to solve the Rubik's Cube?

"I never understood it," said Golden Valley High School senior Ivan Jimenez. "I always tried it, and two minutes into it, I said forget it."

Pretty soon though, all the kids in Ivan's class will be able to solve the tricky Rubik's Cube, thanks to their math teacher, German Robledo.

"I already have three kids who have learned how to do it. They would come in during lunch using the cubes I bought myself. They're getting pretty good at it," explained Mr. Robledo.

Mr. Robledo says all you have to do is use a few algorithms and six steps, and anyone can solve the cube. He taught himself how to master the cube at the beginning of the school year and he's down to solving it in a minute and 45 seconds.

His students are already giving him a run for his money too.

"They started off at 10 minutes, so they've brought it down to 2 1/2 minutes. They're trying to break the 2 minute barrier," said Mr. Robledo.

With his thousand dollar grant, Mr. Robledo plans to buy more of the cubes to go around his classes.

"By doing this puzzle, they can see I'm able to do something that at first seemed impossible," said Mr. Robledo.

Students have high hopes.

"I'd be really happy. I guess it's sort of a skill, like not one you see everyday, not everyone can do it," said senior Mayra Estrada.

"Try to beat the record," added Ivan.

Mr. Robledo says one of the best things now, is that students that can solve the cube, are teaching others. And he says they may not have been so enthusiastic about math before, but now the homework's getting done and their scores are going up. Mr. Robledo also plans to have a Rubik's Cube competition later in the school year.