10/31/08 - Follow Up, Violence and Bullying

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According to teacher Liz Armstrong, one of the things you can do when you're angry is to talk to yourself. That's just one of the skills she's trying to ingrain in her students early on.
"Here at the SEAL center, we have predominantly students at high risk, they do lack behavioral skills, and they have some type of aggressive behavior," explained Armstrong.

Armstrong received her One Classroom at a Time grant back in May.

"I want them to be able to deal with conflict in a positive manner," said Armstrong. "Use skills when angry, and use minds not emotion to react to things."

The money was used to supplement a violence and bullying program that was already in place.

With the use of motivational incentives and rewards, Armstrong says the kids are taking the lessons to heart.

"I've seen a reduction in bullying, impulsive and aggressive behavior, and a huge increase in social competency in my students," said Armstrong.

Lessons that go beyond the four walls of a classroom and hopefully into adulthood.

Armstrong says the program is reusable, so it has the ability to help an infinite number of children.