10/24/08 Follow Up, Battle of the Books!

10/24/08 Follow Up, Battle of the Books! »Play Video
It was the first ever second grade Battle of the Books at Horace Mann Elementary School.

Students read "Back to School Fright from the Black Lagoon." All seven second grade classes are given three weeks to read the book. They're given a study guide, and then... they battle. Five kids from each class are selected to represent their room. The class with the most right answers wins.

Coincidentally, the winning class ended up being Ms. Estrada's, our One Classroom grant winner! And as a trophy, the students get to have a stuffed figure of SpongeBob Squarepants that will be kept in their room all month. Spongebob, however, will move from class to class, depending on that month's battle winner.

"They know when they read the story, they have to pay attention to the details of the story and that improves their comprehension, and yeah, a little competition is good for kids this age," explained Ms. Estrada.

So, one battle down, with more than 700 new books bought with the grant money, that means many more to go until the school year ends.

Winning team members also receive a new book and pencil. Ms. Estrada plans to hold a new battle every month.