10/23/08 Troy Tenhet and the Titans

10/23/08 Troy Tenhet and the Titans »Play Video
Teacher Troy Tenhet is taking a high tech approach to education. He's teaching his sixth grade class at Bill L. Williams Elementary School that knowledge is increasingly being found outside of books. By using a computer program called "SKYPE," his students video conference with other students all over the world.

"They get to see outside our little box we live in. And one thing I've learned about students is that when you put them up on a global stage, with their global peers, it kicks up their game," explained Tenhet.

Right now, with SKYPE, students here in Bakersfield have the opportunity to get to know kids in Singapore.

"I like it because I get to meet international students. I get to learn what their culture is about and teach them what our culture is all about," said Molly McCallister.

With his one thousand dollar grant, Tenhet plans to buy digital cameras for the classroom. The kids will use them to take pictures and then share them with their new friends.

"It gives us a chance to share our community, share what means something to us. Rabobank will come in and CALM," said Tenhet.

In return, they will get snippets of other cultures too. All the while, perhaps the most important lesson, learning that while the faces and language may be different, deep down, we're not so different at all.

"It was a one in a lifetime chance to be in this class. I felt really proud that I was in town," said Gary Singh.

Tenhet has been using SKYPE for a couple of years now, but says he'll really be able to accelerate the program with the cameras bought with the grant money. And he says the cameras ultimately won't just be for his class, but can be used by the entire school. And the memories they create will be felt on an international level.