9/24/08 Laura Reyes "Sing and Read Beginning Literacy Series"

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It's a love for her students that prompted Laura Reyes of "La Escuelita" in Bakersfield to submit her One Classroom at a Time proposal as soon as she heard Eyewitness News opened the program to public pre-school programs.

"La Escuelita" is a pre-school under the Central California Economic Development Corporation. Although Reyes has only been with the school for four months, she brings with her 15-years of experience.

"She's brought compassion and nurturing skills that have endeared the children to her," said Esther Torres, the Board Chairman for CCDEC.

With the thousand dollar grant, Reyes will implement the "Sing and Read Beginning Literacy Series" with the use of music and books.

"The kids love music. It helps the learn easier," explained Reyes. "It involves learning numbers, letters, some nursery rhymes, colors and shapes."

Reyes already bought a set at the beginning of the school year. She's already seen progress in just a month. The kids are now able to sing and spell colors like red and yellow. That's pretty impressive for kids three to four years old who come from migrant farm worker families where only Spanish is spoken at home.

"They're learning English, and at same time we're helping support Spanish. So they're really going to be bilingual," said Reyes.

And they'll be ready when kindergarten comes.