8/20/08 Daniel Hansford - Fit Body/Fit Mind

Daniel Hansford has been teaching at Bill L. Williams Elementary School in Southwest Bakersfield for 10 years. And you can tell by his walls and awards, he believes a fit body and a fit mind go hand in hand.

"I think it's important you have a fit body. It helps with learning. It gives kids a sense of self confidence amongst selves," explained Mr. Hansford.

With his one thousand dollar grant, Mr. Hansford plans to buy extra sporting equipment for his class, which the kids will use about 4 times a week 30 minutes a day. It will give the kids a chance to leave the confines of the classroom and head outdoors. The kids say they're looking forward to the exercise.

But more importantly, explained Mr Hansford, "You're building the future of America, help building role models."