06/02/2008 Diane Sharman -- Fun O"Friends Help Us Read

One teacher in Caliente is reading between the lines, using sign language and music to help her students learn their A, B, C's.

Have Ms. Sharman's student's speaking with their minds!

Teacher Diane Sharman got the surprise of her life, a $1,000 dollar grant.

She designed the phonics program "Fun O'Friends Help Us Read" with the goal of getting every student to learn their A-B-C's.

Sharman, "This is the foundation to their education, if they learn to read, and they have kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade level, they will be successful for the rest of their school career."

The program uses puppets, music and motion to introduce the alphabet.

Sharman, "Our students love playing with the puppets, they walk up to me and say 'hi' Mrs. Sharman, I am Ichy I..and I'll say..Inchy I what sound do you make. It and eye!"

Diane says the program will increase her students vocabulary skills. And several students say it makes learning fun!

Sharman says she sees her students grow as readers, reading well above their average grade level. Not only learning the alphabet and sign language together but making real friends with the puppets.

Diane, "From the bottom of my heart, for every student here at Piute Mtn. school, Thank you for helping me make learning a joyful experience, I just couldn't be more thankful".