05/22/08 Karen Linder - Clicking Words

With the click of a mouse, one teacher in Bakersfield will have her students "clicking words".

Karen Linder, "Total shock, I had no idea!. I've seen you guys on commercials and stuff, and i was like surprised and in shock, cause never thought you guys were gonna come."

Ms. Linder designed the program, "Clicking Words".

Teacher Karen Linder and her students didn't expect to get such a surprise, a One Thousand Dollar Grant.

The money will purchase the "Clicker" program a talking word processor that allows students to illustrates their work.

Linder, "It gives them a better understanding of putting sentences in the correct order, and using it with vocabulary for learning new words."

English is the second language for a majority of Ms. Linder's students.

She hopes the program will help improve not only their vocabulary skills, but their reading skills, grammar and spelling.

Leonardo Acuna, Student, "It will help me when I have to go to a spelling bee, and I really want to win first place. I'm excited cause were gonna learn more and more and get smarter!"

The goal of the program is for her students to obtain above average growth in their education, to take them to the next level.

Linder, "As they grow up they will hopefully get better jobs and it will make them more educated."

These students will be clicking their way to a higher education.

The program will reach out and expand the minds of several hundred students at Teresa Burke Elementary School.