State lawmakers ponder ways to restrict, track ammo sales

State lawmakers ponder ways to restrict, track ammo sales
California State Capitol (File photo)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CTNS) - A bill that puts more restrictions on ammunition sales passed through a California Legislature public safety committee Tuesday. The legislation requires anyone selling ammunition to another person to check the buyer's identification and for the seller to be an authorized firearms dealer in California.

The sales of the ammunition would then have to be reported to the Department of Justice. The measure also makes it illegal for gun owners to purchase parts that allow them to convert their guns into assault-style weapons that can fire more than 10 rounds of bullets without reloading.

"My bill is purely, you show your ID to the license seller when you're going to buy your bullets,"  Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkley, said. "That license seller then electronically transmits the record of the sale to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice can then look against the database."

Skinner said there would be no waiting period to buy the ammunition, unless the purchaser is on a prohibited list from buying a gun. The restrictions would expand to online purchases. The bill also requires the DOJ to alert local law enforcement officers if a civilian buys more than 3,000 rounds of bullets within a five-day period. Opponents say the bill will not keep criminals from buying magazines on the streets.