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Cat recovering after tree rescue

Cat recovering after tree rescue

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) -- A cat is back on level ground, after spending over a week stuck in a tall pine tree in east Bakersfield.

Witnesses told Kern County Animal Control Services (KCACS) officials the cat was chased up a tree by a stray dog.

Kern County Firefighters tried unsuccessfully to use a ladder to rescue the cat, but the sound of the moving ladder startled him, and he remained stuck in the tree.

On Thursday, he was rescued with the help of local businessman, Marvin Fuller, of M&S Security Services.

Fuller used a boom truck to safely remove the cat from the tree that morning.

The cat was renamed "Piney" by staff at KCACS. A veterinarian said Piney was slightly dehydrated, and he was immediately given fluids and food. KCACS staff says Piney is a friendly cat, is neutered, and is estimated to be about 6 years old.

Piney is on a mandatory stray hold period. If no one claims him as his owner, Piney will be up for adoption at the facility, located at 3951 Fruitvale Ave., next Tuesday.

For more information on Piney, and to adopt any animal at the KCACS shelter, call at (661) 321-3000, or email questions to