New Wal-Mart brings jobs to Delano

New Wal-Mart brings jobs to Delano »Play Video
The soon-to-open Wal-Mart in Delano, Calif., is seen Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013. The store is slated to open Aug. 14.

DELANO, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A new Wal-Mart on the 500 block of Woollommes Avenue in Delano hired mainly from a pool of local residents and veterans, a relief some employees said was necessary considering the city's relatively high unemployment rate.

"We've hired about 85-90 percent local," said Chris Fulmer, store manager.

Fulmer added that the company also hired about 15 veterans for its new location.

Delano resident and new Wal-Mart employee Karina Morales said Delano residents needed a big-box store to come in.

"Growing up in Delano, we always had to travel," said Morales, a recent high school graduate. "Whenever we wanted to get good deals on food or clothing, we always had to travel to Bakersfield or Tulare or different places."

Jesse Heredia also said the city needed a company like Wal-Mart to set up shop.

 "This will help the city of Delano grow," Heredia said. "At least all my life, I've been here and it's been growing real slow. Now, with big companies like Wal-Mart coming in, the city will grow."

The grand opening is scheduled for Aug. 14.