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Cleanup crews busy after wild windstorm hit Kern County

Cleanup crews busy after wild windstorm hit Kern County »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Sunday's strong winds punished much of Kern County. It appeared that anything that wasn't bolted down went airborne.

“A couple of trees blocking roadways, blowing sand in the desert becomes an issue,” said Mark Evans of the Kern County Roads Department on Monday.

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Evans said the county roads department has more than 14 crews working from Delano to Bakersfield to Mojave. They said one of the biggest problems for drivers are tumbleweeds.

Evans said tumbleweeds that fall on your private property are your responsibility.

“Whether it originated there or not, if it’s on their property, we're asking them to find a way to take care of it,” Evans said.

That was a message echoed by Bakersfield Code Enforcement Division supervisor David Paquette.

“Basically, it's an act of God if it ends up on a property owner's yard. We're going to send those people correction notices to clean them up,” Paquette said.