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National & World Lufthansa CEO at crash site: 'Long, long time' to understand (Photo Gallery)
Lufthansa's chief executive said Wednesday it will take "a long, long time" to understand what led to a deadly crash in the French Alps last week - but refused to say exactly what the airline knew about the mental health of the co-pilot suspected of deliberately destroying the plane.


Sports Dodgers release McGowan, owe former players $43.8M (New) Dodgers release McGowan, owe former players $43.8M
The Dodgers are paying San Diego $18 million this year as part of December's trade that sent outfielder Matt Kemp and catcher Tim Federowicz to the Padres, and $12,684,250 to Miami this season as part of the December swap that sent pitcher Dan Haren and infielders Dee Gordon and Miguel Rojas to the Marlins.
Sports (New) Oakland's Coliseum City moves forward
This plan is the latest in a series of steps that the city and county must take before a developer, with exclusive negotiating rights to part of the site, can reach any agreement for new ballparks for the A's and Raiders.

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Home Stranger steps up to help after door-less van mocked online Stranger steps up to help after door-less van mocked online (Video)
A Michigan woman, who became the subject of a cruel internet meme, gets help from a stranger. The woman was made fun of online because her van was missing a door. A man saw all the mean comments and decided to fix the van for free. Troy Campbell has the story.

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Business Live in a Porsche? Designer labels draw Miami home buyers Live in a Porsche? Designer labels draw Miami home buyers
It takes something more audacious to sell beachfront property these days to the global ultra-wealthy who arrive in Miami with millions to spend on second or third homes. It takes words invested with meaning in the language of the international jet set.


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Technology Internet outages reveal gaps in U.S. broadband infrastructure
Because Internet service is largely unregulated by the federal government and the states, decisions about network reliability are left to the service providers. Industry analysts say these companies generally do not build alternative routes, or redundancies.


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Business Survey: U.S. businesses add 189,000 jobs in March
U.S. businesses slowed their pace of hiring in March, a private survey found. The slowdown raises questions about how much of an impact falling oil prices, a stronger dollar and harsh winter weather have had on dampening economic growth.
Business Fast-food labor organizers plan actions for April 15
Fast-food labor organizers say they're expanding the scope of their campaign for $15 an hour and unionization, this time with a day of actions including other low-wage workers and demonstrations on college campuses.

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Health Brain injury awareness: Q&A (Video)
We spoke with an expert from the Center for Neuro Skills, as well as a family affected by the complications of brain injury.